October 07, 2015


Very recently, I posted my first subscription box review and a lot of you seemed to enjoy reading it. Today I have yet another subscription box review, but this time it's by a brand called Coloristiq. I particularly love this brand because their boxes consist of salon quality brands, like China Glaze and Essie. You pay £15 and get a box worth of gorgeous polishes that will always be worth more than £30- (this particular box was worth £50!)

The first polish I received was this gorgeous blue shade by OPI. This is genuinely one of the most stunning colours I've seen... I own a ton of blue nail varnishes but this colour is so unique and really stands out. It's different to all of my other shades. The bottle is actually very large in size and the quality was amazing. It's very opaque with just one coat.

Then I got this Essie shade in 'full steamahead'. It's a light (verging on pale) shade, which has a shimmer in the light. In contrast to the previous bottle, this one is very thin, but again the quality is fab and the polish is very long wearing.

I then got the exact same product but in an orange shade 'sundayfunday'. It still had the gorgeous glittery undertone but is much more vibrant than 'full steamahead'. What I like about these shades is that they're buildable. The first shade is more transparent but quickly becomes opaque as you add another layer.

Then, I received this Nails Inc. base coat in 'soho silk'. I love this polish because, although it's designed to be a base coat, I think it's totally wearable on it's own. The brush on this polish is really nice and makes the appliance super easy.

Finally, I was given this matte red shade. I am a huge fan of matte colours and I actually wore this on holiday. I really like the polish shade. I've found from previous experience that a lot of nail varnishes that claim to be matte, aren't actually matte, but this shade really does so what it says... The only issue I found was that this particular polish chipped very easily and didn't last very long... Whether this was due to the fact that I tried this when I was on holiday in the pool and sea- I don't know.

Anyway, overall, I really think this is such a cool, new, innovative concept. It gives a whole different spin on your traditional subscription box. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. (But please remember this is only available for UK residents). Thank you all so much for reading, I'll see you very soon!

Rikki xx


  1. The Nails Inc matte nail polish looks perfect for fall!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Great colors! I love the Essie one!

  3. I love the idea of a nails subscription box!

    Stephanie xxx

  4. The are just perfect. Great colours. :3

    Bai, Shiki

    [Beauty and Destroy]

  5. I love Sally Hansen! I'm pretty sure I have every single color that they offer haha!