August 22, 2016


I was super happy when I opened this months Love Me Beauty box. The first thing I saw was a pack of Ecotools makeup brushes. I had contemplated purchasing this set before from Boots, where it retailed at £15.99. With Love Me Beauty however you get a whole box of goodies for £10 and if you use the code 'rikki20' at checkout, you receive a further 20% off and the box will cost you just £8... It is well worth getting- even if you choose the brushes and nothing else!

Next, I received this multi-purpose face, body and hair oil by Nuxe. I personally don't like this product for my hair, but I love it for my skin. It's a stunning alternative to highlight as it still gives a glow and shimmer to the skin. It also looks amazing on your body- on your collar bone, shoulders or any other area that light hits, as it gleams in the sun. The scent is subtle but delightful and the oil itself is intensively moisturising.

This shower oil also has that gorgeous glowy gold glitter effect, but you rinse this one off after use. It's quite a think consistency and smells absolutely divine! It's very cleansing but it's not something I'd use every day as it's more of a once a week treatment. 

This wonder balm really does work wonders! It's a very moisturising, thick balm which you apply to damp, towel dried hair. My hair has been feeling rather dry recently, so this helps nourish the ends. You only need a little bit to go a long way so the tube lasts a relatively love time.

This serum by Madara is particularly good for the warmer weather. It's an anti ageing serum which is great to prevent wrinkles and it helps firm your skin, ensure your face looks naturally more contoured. It makes my skin appear plumper, vibrant and tight. You apply this beneath your moisturiser either at night or in the morning.

This tan is completely different to any other one I've ever seen. You apply it at night and leave it on. It doesn't transfer onto your pillow and it works on a gradual basis where the tan gets darker over time. The best thing is that it's absolutely scent free! It's suitable for all skin tones and leave your skin feeling super smooth and gives you a natural glow.

That's everything for this post. Remember to use the discount code 'rikki20' at checkout to get a further 20% off- it's definitely worth it! Thanks for reading...

Rikki xx


  1. Thinking of ordering a box. Are the Eco tools full size brushes?

    1. Yes, they're full size!! You can't go wrong... xx

  2. Woah this box is a really good deal! I need some new make up brushes so I'll check it out.

    Belle in Black and White

  3. This box and its contents sound so nice! I would love to try the hair oil and brushes :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes