September 05, 2016


Today I have a super exciting post for you all- something I don't tend to review about... Perfume. This is "Mon Paris", one of YSL's new perfumes from their Paris line. I'll start off with packaging. The light pink, matte black and metallic gold theme creates a very minimal, sophisticated and girly design, instantly making the product look a lot more expensive than it is. The product comes in 3 sizes: 30ml which is £47, 50ml which is £66 (this is the one photographed in these images) and 90ml which is £87.

I also wanted to briefly discuss the idea and history behind the product as I feel it gives you an insight into the scent. The perfume is named "Mon Paris" which directly translates into My Paris. This reflects the creator of YSL's love for the city of Paris. I adore this in itself as Paris is one of my favourite places in the whole entire world. This perfume is designed to show passion, purity and truthfulness, which I feel it successfully achieves. It's romantic theme and sensual scent creates a product which represents the modern interpretation of love.

Now onto the part that I'm sure a lot of you really want to know about- what is actually smells like. I'm not the best with describing scents, but one thing's for sure... this is absolutely divine! It's the perfect combination of floral and fresh and despite containing sweet fruits like strawberry, raspberry and pear, it's not overly fruity. It's not overpowering but it's not too subtle. It really is perfect, I wouldn't change a single thing about it! The long lasting perfume is uplifting, luxurious, perfect for every season and ultimately, well worth the money...

Finally, I wanted to describe the actual bottle. It's beyond beautiful, with glass packaging and the perfume resting on a transparent glass bed. The product is a very pale pink and is wide in shape, almost mimicking a diamond. It comes with a black bow on it, which helps give it that modern edge.

That's everything for this post! I really love this product, it's amazing if you're looking to treat yourself, but it's even better to gift to a loved one (Christmas is fast approaching). Thank you so much for reading,

Rikki xx


  1. dont see many perfume reviews often, this sounds like an amazing perfume to have x

  2. I used to have Parisienne by YSL. A really lovely parfume! Now I really want to try this one :)

  3. Beautiful imagery! This perfume sounds lush, have you tried my Burberry? Xx