January 10, 2017


My New Years resolution was to start blogging more often again. I thought, what better way to kick start it than with an interview, which I haven't done in a very long time. So, if you're a YouTuber fanatic, I'm sure you've heard about the Jaffron drama. YouTuber Jake Mitchell (1 million subcribers) and Saffron Barker (650K subscribers) had recently split up and despite speculation and false accusations, it ultimately appeared that Jake had cheated on his (now ex) girlfriend, Saffron. I interviewed 16 year old Claudia Naya, the girl Jake allegedly cheated with. Claudia has received a ton of abuse from fans who don't believe her story, or think she's making it up for attention. She wants to put some closure on it and tells all in this exclusive interview...

1) How do you actually know Jake and Saffron?
Jake went to my high school and I knew him before, through friends. I don't know Saffron personally.

2) I heard that Jake told you that he had broken up with Saffron before you two both slept together... What exactly did he say to you?
He complained about her a lot and he promised they we over, but told me that he couldn't say anything publicly!
3) What do your mutual friends think of this situation? Are they taking yours or Jake's side? The majority of my friends dislike him a lot, if not hate him because of all of this, but one of my friends is now on Jake's side, so I'm not talking to that person anymore.

4) Are you and Saffron on good terms? Are you speaking to each other? Yes, we are on good terms. We've spoken on Twitter and she was really understanding!

5) How did you explain yourself to Saffron? Well, she messaged me saying that she already knew it was me. I just explained the story and circumstances and she was very understanding!

6) Despite everything that has happened, would you still like to be friends with Jake? I'm sure one day we will be, but at the minute, he has hurt me and publicly humiliated me. He has made me out to be a liar, so until he admits it, or apologises on his/ his families behalf, we won't be friends.

7) How do you feel about Jake blocking you on Twitter?
I understand it, because he doesn't want me seeing anything he's tweeting or liking, but at the same time, it has made me feel like our friendship (or whatever we had) was less important than his reputation. I feel like he'd give it all up for a tweet.

8) Do you think it was right for Jake's dad to get involved? No! He said that I drugged him, sneaked into his room and said that I lied about everything and that the photo I posted of Jake wasn't real. Blah, blah, blah... There's loads more! It's ridiculous and completely unfair of him to get involved, he's an adult!

9) Was this a one off, or had anything else happened between you and Jake? It's complicated. Me and Jake had spoken a lot and were even getting together at one point, but it never worked out... I thought it was just a one time thing, but he claimed it wasn't. He said he didn't regret anything and that we wouldn't get with other people. I suppose I thought something would come of it... Maybe I was just a fool.

10) If there's one thing you'd say to Jake or Saffron, what would it be?
I'd like to tell Jake that he has really embarrassed me. I'd try and make him understand just how upset I am and would ask him why he has done this to two people. I would just apologise to Saffron once again. This was his fault and has nothing to do with her. He was an absolute idiot!

If you want to finish it all off, what would be the last thing you'd say?
I'd like more people to know just how much Jake's dad's accusations hurt me- the allegations were ridiculous. Also, everyone seems to be forgetting that Jake hurt me as well as Saffron! I am not a liar. I have known Jake for years now and we've never really been "just friends". It hurts that it has all ended like this and I genuinely think of him so negatively now because of this all!

That's the shocking truth of it all... What do you think about this whole situation? Who do you think is in the right? Leave a comment down below! Thank you for reading,

Rikki xx

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  1. Honestly I don't hate Saffron or Claudia, its not like she knew tbey were still together, Jake is a prick for hurting them both!