January 29, 2017


Today I’m going to be reviewing the newest addition to my perfume collection, “Princess of Hearts” by Vera Wang. This product launches in early February, but I was fortunate enough to be given a sneak peek beforehand. I’ll start with the packaging. This glass bottle is in the shape of a heart and has crimson lipstick hearts drawn all over it. The lid resembles a crown and contains super cute pink gems. It retails at £50 for a 50ml bottle, which I think is super affordable considering it’s very long lasting and you only need a little bit to go a long way!

I feel as if every fragrance has a story behind it. This one is a part of Vera Wang’s #1 “Princess” range and after huge success after the launch of the first Princess bottle in 2006, this launch was definitely long awaited… This product is designed to reflect the character of this princess- feminine, modern, sophisticated and stylish. The packaging is designed to reflect this and show “celebration of love and life”.

This Eau De Toilette spray is described as “exuberant, long, enticing”. it has a very sweet scent and is bright, fresh and florally. Although I feel there is an overwhelming smell of strawberries, the perfume actually contains watermelon, wild strawberry, bergamot, star jasmine, life of the valley musk, vanilla cream and cedarwood. The scent is extremely youthful and girly. It would make a perfect birthday present or even valentines present. I always find that perfumes are either too sweet or too musky, but this is the perfect combination… you can’t go wrong!

That's everything for this post! Thanks for reading,
Rikki xx


  1. Already the bottle is perfect! I love the design really much.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. It's a really lovely bottle

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  3. I personally love a sweet scent but Vera Wang always manages to blend undertones so well! Nice to chat to you on Twitter and great review