December 19, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I attended The Clothes Show. I went last year with some family and loved it, so decided to go again this year, as a blogger! Again, I had a fab time and spent quite a lot of money- oops! I feel like this is such an amazing event that really does appeal to all. I was surprised to see a lot more boys and men than last year, which I thought was really great. I feel like the best way to summarise The Clothes Show is in three ways. Firstly, celebrities. Every year they have some cast members from shows like Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex. Then, shops. The show is full of different stalls from a range of small and big brands, like Models Own. Finally, the fashion-show. This is my personal favourite part. They have a fashion show that runs throughout the day. All of these images, except the first one, are taken from the fashion show. (This post is going to be very picture heavy, as I feel like the experience is best summarised using images).

Charlie XCX kicked off the show by singing 'Boom Clap'. She was even more gorgeous in real life!



  1. I went this year too - wasn't the show amazing?

    Claire | xx

  2. I've never been to The Clothes Show before, but it looks amazing and I'll definitely try and get tickets for the next one!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty