June 16, 2016


I am a huge fan of The Body Shop's skincare range but I have not yet tried many of their makeup products. I was very kindly given the opportunity to test out their foundation and some shade adjusting drops, and as I've only ever heard positive things about their makeup, I was very intrigued and just couldn't say no!

Firstly, I received their Fresh Nude Foundation. There are a total of 16 shades in this range, and I was given the shade 'Fiji Sand'. This huge variety means that there are foundations to suit all. They retail at £15 which I think is very affordable as the bottle is relatively large. I do feel like the foundation is fairly sheer and more like a combination of a BB cream or tinted moisturiser rather than a full coverage foundation. It contains SPF 15 which is obviously really important, especially with it being Summer and it has a really nice, lightweight consistency.

I then received the Shade Adjusting Drops. First, I got the 'darkening' one- but both retail at £10. The concept of these drops was very new to me, but I'm now obsessed! All you do is add a couple of drops to your foundation to make it better suited to your skin tone. As I have naturally tanned skin, I do find myself purchasing foundations that look fine in the bottle but are either too light or too dark for me. I love how these drops don't affect the consistency of your foundation and that you only need a tiny amount to make a big difference. I also love the pipette lid which makes the appliance so much easier and ensures you get every little drop out of the bottle.

Finally, I got the 'lightening' drops which obviously have the opposite effect where it can help neutralise darker, more orange foundations. This is definitely worth the money as I also use it underneath my highlighter as it makes the colour stand out. This is very white with just a slight touch of pink, so again, you only need the smallest amount to go really far!

That's it for this post. Let me know if you've ever used shade adjusting drops! Thank you for reading...
Rikki xx

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  1. I've heard so many great things about the shade adjusting drops recently, and I'd love to give them a whirl! I think they'd be great additions to my contour/highlight routine

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk