June 03, 2016


Firstly, I need to mention how I'm posting this ever so slightly later than expected, and by "ever so slightly" I mean a year later... Yes, a whole, entire year. Don't you just love an organised blogger? ;)

Last August I was lucky enough to go to America (New York and Florida). Despite New York being packed full of the most amazing make up shops, we were quite rushed for time. Obviously, I managed to fit in a very, very quick visit to Mac and Sephora though... Prior to this, I hadn't really purchased any high end make up (I can safely say, a year later, I am becoming an addict!). 

So firstly, we went into the Mac in Times Square. It was a very unusual experience and one that I will never forget, that's for sure! Quick summary- it wasn't a particularly 'bad' experience, but just a strange one. There was a DJ in the shop and all of the staff were too busy Whipping and doing the Nae Nae to Silento's 'Watch Me'. I'm not going to lie, this was very entertaining and something I've never seen here in the UK, so I very much embraced the moment. However, it was very daunting being a 16, almost 17 year old in her first high end store and I did need a little bit more guidance than I think I received.

The first item I purchased was the Mac Prep & Prime. After a year of using this product, I am not completely 'wowed' by it, but I feel like that could be due to the fact I have normal to oily skin, so naturally prefer to set my make up using a translucent powder. The thing I like about this is that you can obviously use it over your make up to set it, but you can also use it as a primer. I've recently been introduced to the idea of using the Nivea Men's Aftershave Balm as a primer for your skin, and I LOVE IT!! I never really understood the benefits of using a primer until I started using that... It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and my make up goes on so much easier! The bottle is also relatively big, so lasts a long time, which is always a bonus.

Back in the day when I mentioned in a blogger chat that I had never tried a Mac lipstick before, all you beauty bloggers out there were shocked and insisted that I brought one... So in the end I decided to buy two. I went into Mac certain that I'd buy the famous 'Velvet Teddy', but decided against this when I actually got into the shop as I felt like there were other shades that would suit my medium skin tone better. In the end, I got 'Whirl' and 'Viva Glam III'. I really love them both! I've used Whirl a lot more as it's more of a subtle, day shade rather than Viva Glam III which I think is better for the night.

Then I went into Sephora aka make up heaven. Again, I went in there with the intention of buying a Nars foundation, however when I swatched them, I preferred the Marc Jacobs one. Firstly, I want to say that the packaging is quite deceiving. This is one of those typical high end products where half of the box is filled with the lid. I wouldn't really recommend this foundation to anyone just because I didn't love it and didn't think it was worth $48. However, I do know a lot of people who really like this product and repurchase it over and over again. It just didn't amaze me. I will definitely be trying another one soon, maybe this time I'll try and find a drugstore dupe as I feel like there will be many foundations out there that are just as good for a fraction of the price! It just didn't have the coverage I'd expect from a high end foundation.

(Don't freak out, that's my younger sister photo-bombing my photo). When I was at Sephora I obviously had to purchase my first Anastasia Beverly Hills product, and I went for the famous Dipbrow. I can't even begin to explain my love for this product! I recommend it to everyone! This was $18 and I did not want to spend that much on a brow product as before this, I was using a £3 brow shadow from Collection which I loved. However, I took the plunge, and upon reflection, knowing so much more about make up now than I did then, this is totally, 100% worth the money! The product looks soooo small, but trust me, it's very misleading! I've had this for a year and I am no where near finishing it! I love Anastasia Beverly Hills and I've purchased their cream contour kit and glow kit since, so let me know if you'd like a review of those products too.

Finally, I also purchased a matte lipstick from Sephora's own range which I believe was $14. It is extremely drying on your lips so I'd recommend moisturising first, but it lasts the whole entire day without fail! Again, this product lasts absolutely ages!

Well, that's everything I managed to quickly purchase from Mac and Sephora. I'm hoping to go to Paris this year, and if we have the time I will definitely be purchasing some other products from there. I'll see you soon for yet another post!

Rikki xx


  1. This is a great post! I'm a massive fan of Whirl it's such a lovely lipstick. Hope you enjoy your Mac lipsticks and new purchases.

  2. Such a great post! We need a Sephora here in the UK! I can't believe there was a DJ in the shop haha! Loved this post!

    Beth xx

  3. Great post! I have Velvet Teddy and it is my favorite nude for my skin tone ^_^ I live in the USA and have not been to NYC in a long time >.<

    Laila from Townhouse Palette