April 02, 2016


I love The Body Shop. I've tried many different ranges of theirs now, and haven't yet been disappointed. I actually often find myself repurchasing a lot of the products I show on my blog posts, and I'm always popping into my local branch when looking for presents for others (you can't go wrong- there really is something for everyone).

Today I am reviewing The British Rose range. Firstly, the packaging is stunning! (Just as the name suggests) it contains the union jack with a rose flower in the centre. It's really pink and girly and the entire box retails at £20 which I think is super affordable (considering the fact that you have 4 products and an amazingly designed product).

When I first saw this product, I didn't think I'd be "wowed". However, after actually using it, I can honestly say I adore this shower gel and wish it was bigger... I'm a big fan of the very simply packaging and transparent design. It lathers up really well and smells gorgeous, like roses. For some reason, I get quite a few reactions to body washes, but this one was really gentle on the skin, suitable for those people with sensitive skin out there.

Then, I got the Vitamin E moisture cream. My mum had used this previously and really liked it, so I was eager to give it a go myself! It's really soft and silky and has a non greasy consistency. It's great to put on as a base before doing your make-up, and I really feel like it would work great in the winter to protect your skin against the harsh weather conditions, but would also be equally good in the summer- the only issue being the fact that it doesn't contain SPF.

I've been really into my hand creams recently and this one is great. It's smaller than the Soap & Glory one I've been taking to college with me, so is more easily portable. This is very quickly absorbed by my skin, which is something I really like in moisturisers and creams. I found it intensively moisturising, and it left my skin smooth for hours!

Finally, I received this very dewy body butter. Although the scent is the same, I felt like this was more strong than some of the other products. With Summer just around the corner, these body butters are going to be a must as you're going to want nice soft skin ready for the warmer months.

I really hope you all liked this post! What's your favourite products from The Body Shop?
Rikki xx


  1. I've never used The Body Shop's products, but I hope to try some of them! Cool post!

  2. Rose is a lovely scent very feminine, I love their Mango body butter is smells amazing, I will need to get some ready for the warmer weather!

    Meme xx

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  3. I used to love the body shop! Sadly my local one closed and I haven't been able to get my hands on their products since. The british roseline sounds lovely. I hope to get my hands on it soon.

    x. Cattleya


  4. love the packaging! Rose is one of my favourite scents I love it x
    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥