July 06, 2016


Today I have yet another Love Me Beauty subscription box review. This box retails at just £10, which is such a bargain considering if you were to purchase the items individually it would come to a lot more! Unlike a lot of other subscription boxes, you get proper products in this box (instead of testers etc) which makes it well worth the money. Additionally, you can get a further 20% off using my exclusive code- just enter rikki20 at checkout. Once again, they've slightly changed their packaging which you can see from the image above. I really like this new design- it's simple but looks high end.

Firstly, I received a Popband hair tie. I always sleep with a hair tie in and therefore usually wake up to find kinks throughout my hair. This product is dent free, really soft and comfortable, which eradicates that problem. I also really like the appearance of this- it's super pretty and can even be worn as a bracelet on your wrist.

Then, I received this travel size polish by Nails Inc in the shade 'Belsize Lane'. They have 4 different pastel shades you can choose from (which are perfect for the summer). I got this gorgeous mint green colour, which has a very good coverage with just two coats!

Next I received this Lord & Berry eye shadow. I was given this really gorgeous dark green shade. This normally retails at £14.00 alone (so you can see just what a bargain this box really is). This shadow is very buildable and applies easily as it has a silky smooth formula. It can also be blended really well, which I something I struggle with when using other shadows.

Then I received this Tangle Teezer. I absolutely LOVE these hair brushes and have accumulated lots of them over the years- I just can't get enough! Usually this alone would retail at £10.99. I love the bright colours, again it's perfect for summer- sooo pretty. This works wonders for people with knotty hair and makes hair brushing a less painful process. Despite fairly short bristles, this is suitable for all hair types- thick or thin.

Finally, I got this Valeur Absolue perfume. Not only does it smell AMAZING but it's also just 5 credits, so definitely worth picking. The only problem I found was that the scent didn't last very long, however if you put a tiny bit of Vaseline underneath it, it lasts a lot longer. It has a really high end feel- I would definitely recommend it.

So, that's everything for this post... I really do think the Love Me Beauty boxes are amazing and I would highly recommend subscribing to it. Remember you can get 20% off with the code rikki20. Thank you so much for reading, I will have yet another post up very soon.

Rikki xx


  1. Great post! I'm thinking of trying this box out, you got some really good stuff! I might just have to order it now that I've got a discount code! x

    1. Definitely! You get to choose what you want in your box too, so you can ensure you get everything you like/ know you will use! xx

  2. This is such a pretty summertime edit. I'd consider getting this box in the future. Is £10 the usual price? www.indigoandmouse.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Yes it is! But entering the 20% off code would bring the price down to £8. It's worth giving a try and if you decide you don't like it, you can always unsubscribe- although I'm sure you'll love it :-) x

  4. Love this blog post, just picked my first box. Super excited to try everything out. Thanks for the discount code :)