July 12, 2016


Last Monday, I went to John Lewis in Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) and popped into the Benefit counter for a quick brow consultation. I was amazed to see all of their wonderful new additions to their brow range. It's all magic themed, super cute and well designed. I purchased some of my favourite products from the range and will go into detail about each of those products. I wanted to talk about my experience there and discuss the overall process so that you can replicate and apply it to your own brow routine... Also, John Lewis are hosting this free consultation for a limited time only, so if you live near a John Lewis store that has a Benefit counter, then please pop in to receive your very own consultation- as it will then be specially suited to your specific brows! If you take in your existing brow product to the Benefit counter there, you can swap it for a 'deluxe brow collection mini'.

Firstly, the lady who did the consultation did something called 'brow mapping'. This involved using a ruler-like device. She lined up the dimple of my nose directly upwards- (that's where your brow should start), then from the dimple of the nose up to the top of the arch, and finally from the dimple of the nose along the edge of your edge of your eye to the end of your brow.

Next, she used 'browVO', a conditioning primer, to help make my makeup look better and last longer. It has a rubber tip that is specifically designed to comb through your brows (it feels a lot nicer than using a spoolie in my opinion). Also, you can use this overnight to help your brows grow, as it contains keratin (a protein naturally found in your hair).

Next, she used 'precisely, my eyebrow pencil'. This is a super thin pencil which is very useful when creating tiny hair like strokes. If your brows are sparse or you want more hair in a specific area, then you can easily use this product to give the illusion of more hair without it looking fake. For me, she used this at the beginning of my brows as they start slightly further than they should, so she filled that area in using this pencil. There are 6 different shades, suitable for all hair types- blondes, brunettes, red heads or for dark hair. I am a shade 6 which is the darkest. Like a lot of their products, you're essentially getting 2 for the price of 1, as one side contains a spoolie and the other has a pencil.

She then used the 'Goof Proof' brow pencil which has a really unique diamond shape. It has a smooth texture and is really lightweight, meaning your eyebrows don't feel all cakey. The diamond shape means you can use the sharp edge to, once again, create those hair like strands and you can use the flat edge more for filling it in.

Then she used 'gimme brow'. This was a product that already existed in their range but they have now added one additional shade. It is basically a volumising fibre gel. The lady first used it in the opposite direction that my brow hairs grow in, and then in the normal direction, to ensure every individual hair was covered. That actual brush is very small which helps give you a lot more control over what you're doing and is suitable for both thick and thin brows.

After, she moved on to 'ka-BROW', which again has a total of 6 shades. It is a cream gel, and a great dupe of the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. It is slightly more expensive than the Dipbrow, but definitely worth it as it comes with a brush (like a lot of their products). This makes it very compact and great to take on the go.

She then used the 'high brow' (which has a new, more silky formula, making it easier to blend). It is a highlight that helps lift the brow, but you can obviously use it in the waterline or inner corner of your eye too.

Finally, she used 'ready, set, BROW' which is an eyebrow gel that sets your brow, making them last for 24 hours... In all honesty, this is probably my least favourite product from the range, just because it left my brows feeling quite sticky throughout the day, however if you don't mind that texture then this definitely does what it says and helps set your brows.

That's everything for this post. I'm totally brow obsessed at the moment so really enjoyed trying these out and incorporating some these into my everyday brow routine. I love John Lewis, and their beauty section really is amazing. They stock brands that I often struggle to find here in the UK. I visited Benefit, Origins, Bobbi Brown and Clarins last week. It's definitely worth paying a visit t the beauty section of John Lewis!

Rikki xx


  1. Fab post! I used to use Benefit's Brow Zings everyday so easy to use and such good quality! I might have to have a look at these too! Thanks for sharing, love from boilersuitbabe.com xxx

  2. I've never used benefit eyebrow products before but it sounds like the lady on the counter did an amazing job. I'm so tempted to pop in for a consultation. Great post x


  3. So jealous! I am wanting to try the new Benefit line! Brows are pretty much my favorite thing to do in terms of makeup. I need to make a trip and go get my brows done there to see which products I need to include in my collection! Great post!

    Ashlee Liz

  4. Oh wow, this sounds like something I need. A lot of people have also been telling me to try Benefit's They're Real mascara, so I need to give it a go!

  5. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does that make shade 1 a good choice for people with blonde hair? Really considering buying some of these products so would appreciate the advice! Love Benefit products x

    Lily Blogs Life

    1. Hey girl!

      Thanks for the comment. No, that's definitely not a stupid question- I should've gone into detail about the individual shades... Yes, shade 1 is the lightest shade so is best for people with blonde hair!

      Rikki x