July 18, 2016


I feel like Miss Sporty is a super affordable yet good quality brand that is perfect for those starting out with makeup or for people trying to save their pennies. I remember going into my local Superdrug as a year 7 and spending all my money on their purse friendly products. When I received this package, I was beyond excited to try all of these products out. 

Firstly, I got three stunning polishes. There's a light pink (041), a beautiful bronzey-gold (031) and finally a dark pink (081). These shades are only £1.99 which truly surprised me! I am a huge fan of brands like Essie and Models Own, and as much as I love their products, they're double the price. I was pleasantly surprised when I used these polishes. It's easy to assume that a  cheaper product won't be as good as a more expensive one, however, I ended up loving these. They have a great consistency- neither gloopy nor watery and have good coverage.

I've never been a huge fan of blusher and have always stuck in my comfort zone, wearing bronzer. However, after being very kindly gifted these. and given the chance to try them out, I surprisingly liked them! Much to my surprise, these shades are actually quite pigmented, so you only need a little bit to go a long way. I received 4 stunning shades, and although I love them all, my favourite is probably the darkest one (as I feel it suits my naturally tanned skin tone better). I think the lighter shades would be great for fairer people- although I have to say these are great universal shades, which could be used for all! I love the design of the packaging, they look super cute and girly, and have a similar feel to some of the Benefit products. They retail at just £2.99 each.

Then we have the bronzer equivalents which also retail at £2.99. I'm currently using the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit and although I wasn't keen on that at first, it has really grown on me. These are good dupes, although there is a lot of fall out, so it can be a bit messy. These shades give you a subtle, natural bronzed look, which I think is perfect for summer.

I then got given some coloured eye liner. I personally like to stick with black eyeliner as I feel like it's a lot more versatile, but this is great for those more adventurous makeup users. I do feel like this is perfect to wear at festivals though, which is great considering it is festival season right now! I personally would use this below my bottom lashes to give a pop of colour, but it's not something I'd wear every day. It's a liquid liner but does take a while to dry, which is the only issue. This retails at £2.79

Then I received this primer which retails at £3.49... I had heard really good things about this product so was very intrigued to try it out- and was indeed really pleased with it! It helps give your skin radiance and glow- again perfect for summer! I love the consistency of the product too, makeup sticks to it really well, making it last longer. It has a very lightweight feel, which I personally love as it doesn't leave your skin feeling cakey. It appears as a pink shade and then shimmers when in the light, so I feel like it could also be used to highlight the tops of your cheekbones.

We then have these lip crayons- they're quite subtle and sheer and are not the shades I'd normally go for. However, Creme Brulee is definitely my favourite of the three. I do feel like they're quite drying though, so it's definitely worth using a moisturising lip balm beforehand.

Finally, their lipglosses! I have grown to love their lipglosses... They're super glossy and leave my lips feeling really smooth. I love using these over matte lipsticks if I feel like I want a particular shade to be glossy. They have a huge range of colours, so you're bound to find some that you like...

I really love these products and they are way more affordable than most other drugstore brands I've ever seen! It's perfect for birthday presents etc. or if you're buying on a budget! That's everything for this post... See you next week!

Rikki xx


  1. I used to spend all my pocket money on Miss Sporty when I was younger, mainly on their lip glosses and lip balms. They sell a larger range of products now though, the blushers are nice shades x


  2. oh my those insta glow blushes are gorgeous!! I havent bought something from miss sporty in YEARS, i forget they have stuff to offer too.
    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥