March 27, 2017


I went into the Mac in Reading the other day and wanted a new lipstick. I already own Whirl and Viva Glam III which I love and use all the time. They're so buttery and slide on, lasting quite a fair amount of time. So I decided to go and purchase another.

I went in and after looking at their amazing collections of liquid lipsticks, mattes and glosses I picked up 'Taupe'. I have tan skin so my version of a nude is actually more of a brown. Everyone raves on about velvet teddy but I just feel like that shade is way too light for my skin and genuinely makes me look super washed out!

I'll admit that I do love my matte lipsticks, although I have noticed that gloss is very in fashion right now! Anyway, Taupe is a matte reddish brown, which has a very subtle shine to it, so if you want it completely matte then it may be worth applying some powder over it. This is highly pigmented and is very close to my natural lip shade so can be used to overdraw my lips without looking too fake. Just like all of MAC's other lipsticks, it has a very creamy consistency which glides on and is incredibly moisturising.

Whilst I was there I (of course) got talked into buying yet another product by the lady who obviously just wanted a bit more comission but was very persuasive. I purchased the MAC's Prep and Prime Lip product. The woman said this could add a shine to make lip products glossy but also makes a great lip primer meaning your colour won't shift "all throughout the day, even if you drink or eat". She sold it so well, but in all honesty, I'm not sure what to think of the product yet. It reminds me of an EOS lip balm.. (excpet its about 3 times more expensive). Don't get me wrong, the product is incredibly moisturising and does help stop your lipstick from bleeding, but I feel like I could easily find a dupe for a fraction of the price.

That's it for this post. Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!

Rikki xx

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