April 12, 2017


During the final event of Freshers, I decided to bake my face using my 'Makeup Forever HD Powder'. At that time I thought it looked fine, but I was totally cringed out when looking back on photo's to see flashback under my eyes! I was determined to never use another baking product ever again...

Recently however, I visited my local John Lewis branch and saw the Laura Mercier setting powder that everybody had raved on about. Being a makeup addict, I've seen all the big YouTubers talk highly of this products, and it's often quite difficult to tell whether their opinions are genuine or whether they have been sponsored to promote it. So, despite the hefty price tag (£29), I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the product so I could try it for myself.

Makeup artists have been using this on brides, models and even celebrities. So, although I was quite reluctant to purchase this pricey product, I had high expectations and was very excited to try it out. After my first use of the product (which you can see in the picture above), I could instantly tell that this product would be long lasting as a little goes a long way. I have normal to oily skin, but this helped keep my t-zone matte throughout the day- I didn't need to top it up once. I applied this beneath my contour and under my eyes. It helped to blur my bags and imperfections and also softened any harsh lines or bumps on my face. The powder is lightweight and left my skin feeling smooth.

You can also purchase their velour puff which is what I initially used, but I would not recommend this as I feel you can achieve a better look with a much more affordable beauty blender.

Thank you so much for reading, I'll see you in my next post!

Rikki xx

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  1. Oooo this sounds so good! Like you said yes the price tag is quite high, but if it is a quality product, I'd rather spend a little more x