June 25, 2017


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love high end makeup, but from experience, I know that splurging on a £40 highlighter kit isn't always worth the investment.

Last year, I remember asking "the new girl" at work what highlight she was wearing (it was absolutely stunning, I just couldn't resist!). She told me that it was from Makeup Revolution and was only £3... I was amazed but just dismissed it thinking "a £3 highlighter can't be that good, can it?". Then, at university, I met this girl on a night out with cheek and brow bone highlight that was honestly brighter than my future! When I asked her what she was wearing, she also said "It's just from Makeup Revolution and was only £3!!". That was the deciding factor for me... All these gorgeous girls were absolutely slaying in their highlight and I knew I had to get my hands on my very own...

I always head straight to the Makeup Revolution counter in Superdrug, but they've always sold out of highlighters, so when I saw that they had the Vivid Baked Highlighter back in stock, I immediately picked it up. The design is beautiful and reminds me of the Kiko eyeshadow's. The consistency is quite powdery, but the product doesn't really spread or fade when on the skin- which I adore!

After swatching the product, I literally couldn't hide my excitement! You can see in the image above the sheer pigmentation of the powder. You can layer it up or tone it down, too. The colour is very much on the silvery side, but when caught in the right light has a gold shimmer, as well. It's very easily blendable and is visible even when you're not stood in direct sunlight (which is always a bonus!).

I honestly can't hype up this product enough and would recommend it to everyone! I would suggest purchasing it online though, as they're often out of stock in store. You will be guaranteed attention wearing this product. In fact, both my mum and sister are grabbing some of their own after seeing me wearing it...

That's everything for today... Thank you so much for reading,
Rikki xx


  1. I've heard a lot about Make Up Revolution, but there are never any testers when I go to my local Superdrug... but this sounds like something to go with a dream beauty kit! I love your original photos also.

  2. There is nothing like finding an amazing make up product that is very affordable! That highlighter looks great!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Seize your Style

  3. I have this! It is such a stunning highlight isn't it!

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  4. This is my favorite highlighter at the moment, the pigment is insane! Loved this post :)


  5. This highlighter is one of my faves!! It's SO nice :-) I always get compliments when I wear it. Makeup Revolution aren't to be sniffed at.

    Claire | www.clairemac.co.uk

  6. Makeup revolution have so many amazing products and this just happens to be one of them. They are so good at nailing the quality on inexpensive products!! This gives off such a beautiful colour
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks