September 12, 2017


Brows, brows, brows! They frame your face, can transform any look and (along with contouring and highlighting) can even change the shape of your face... The general rule tends to be: the bigger your eyebrows, the slimmer your face looks and vice versa... 

A few years ago, I completely neglected filling in my brows, but now, I consider it the most pivotal part of my entire makeup routine. Over the years, I've had a lot of brow disasters, but after trying hundreds of products on the market, I now feel like I'm in a very good position to talk about some of my favourites! 

I'm going to do a series of brow posts. This one is going to be about my personal favourite kind of brow product- creamy and gel-based pomades!

Firstly, I want to talk about the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dipbrow Pomade (£15). This product is considered the mother of all brow products and has been a bestseller for years... Despite having unbelievably high expectations, the Dipbrow definitely didn't disappoint!

16-year-old Rikki thought this was very pricey and was reluctant to pay £15 on a brow product of this size, but fast forwarding to 19-year-old Rikki, I am very happy I took the splurge and think the pomade is worth every single penny... I want to mention that the size of the product is extremely deceptive. I purchased this over 3 years ago (in the shade Dark Brown) and I've only just reached pan, which really goes to show that a little goes a long way. Not only is the product long wearing and long lasting, but you can tone it down for a natural look or build it up for a more dramatic and bold look. The consistency is creamy, light and bouncy, it smoothly glides on the skin! Oh, and did I mention that the queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian, is a huge fan of it... What's not to love?

More recently, I went to the John Lewis in Bristol and added £84.50 worth of Benefit brow products to my collection. 

My personal favourite was the Benefit, Ka-BROW (£20), yet another pomade. It's similar to Dipbrow but is much dryer in consistency, and it's a lot less easy to move and transfer than the previous product. Saying that, it is very pigmented and long wearing. I got this in shade 6, which is the darkest colour you can get. It's waterproof and already comes with an eyebrow brush (although I prefer to buy them separately). My eyebrows literally last the entire day and night if I combine these two amazing products together! 

It's important to remember that with gel based products, you need an eyebrow brush! I don't have any specific one's that I would recommend, but my two personal favourites are pictured above... The black one is the Sigma, Brow and Lash E80 Brush ($12) and the beaded one (believe it or not) is the Claire's Accessories, Bling Makeup Brush Set, (£7)- no hate please, it was an absolute bargain and by far the best eyebrow brush I own! I would always suggest buying an eyebrow brush which is angled and similar to that of an eyeliner brush. This way, you can get sharper edges and a much more defined finish look.

Rikki x


  1. I love both of these products, my personal favourite brush is the Zoeva 317 wing liner and it is so fine and precise. xx

  2. Great post lovely! Everyone is always raving about the ABH Dip Brow, I just recently bought the Freedom Brow Pomade which is meant to be a dupe and I'm loving it!Xx

  3. Fantastic post! I am a Brow Expert at Benefit so reading your review on KA-Brow is a real treat. Thank you for the like on twitter.

    Lauren x lovelifenlipstick

  4. This is such an amazing & helpful post! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I keep eyeing up the ABH! The only thing that's stopping me is that I wouldn't know which colour to go for! Might have to bite the bullet and buy one!x

    1. If you're ever near a Sephora then get them to match you up! They're great with things like that x

  6. The ABH has been on my wish list for months! I am going to ask for it for Christmas but I'm not sure what shade I'd be, I'll have to find somewhere to try different shades and find the best match. I love benefit brow products! I had the goof proof brow pencil and it was amazing so I'll have to try the Ka-BROW! Thanks for a lovely post!
    With love, Chloe x

  7. I've been meaning to try the benefit product, it looks so good! After reading this I really want to try both products! Great post lovely!!

  8. Still to this day I haven't tried the ABH dip brow and it is still on my wishlist! Great post love! X Larice

  9. I bought the ABH dipbrow pomade recently and it definitely lives up to the hype! I've used hardly any of it in the past few months and can see it lasting for a long time too

    Steph -

  10. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses a non-descript eyebrow brush that's not pricey but brilliant!

    Mel ★