January 05, 2018


As some of you may have realised, I am a highlight addict! I've somehow accumulated a large collection of palettes from £4 to £40, so I can most definitely tell a good one from a bad one... Last week, I was in Superdrug and saw these Blush palettes by Makeup Revolution. The first thing that caught my eye was how shimmery they were so I was very intrigued to see whether they would work as a substitute for highlight. All of these products were literally only £6 which is unbelievably affordable! I ended up purchasing four items, making the total just £24. I was genuinely really surprised at my own reaction to them...

The image above shows the 3 palettes of mine altogether. As you can see, each palette contains 8 shades, which I was over the moon about, considering most highlights contain a maximum of 4 colours. The majority of these shades are shimmery and only a few are matte (I haven't had a chance to test the matte ones yet). I feel like these are very underrated, perhaps because people just assume these can only be used for blush and are scared to experiment with it and use it for other purposes. 

Firstly, I got the Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold palette. These instantly caught my eye and after swatching it, I decided to purchase two of these. To cut a long story short, I am truly OBSESSED! Normally, I don't go for bronzy highlights, but the bronze shade in this palette is amazing... Not only is it super pigmented but incredibly buildable too. If you want a subtler look, you can use less of the product, but if you're anything like me and want that blinding highlight, then you can totally build it up.

Next to it, we have a yellow toned gold. This one is perfect for a night out. You can wear this on your brow bone, on your nose, on the inner corners of your eyes, on the top of your cheekbones- to be honest, this shade is so wearable you can literally apply it wherever your heart desires!

The two orange highlight shades are very similar. One comes out a little more true to it's colour, the other verges on silver. For me personally, I love my cool toned, silvery, icy shades and these colours are exactly that! They definitely adjust to all skin types as well. I'm naturally tanned and my best friend has a much paler complexion and the shades suit both of us.

Finally, I want to briefly talk about the pink highlight shade. I was so excited to try this one because I have never seen a pink highlight before so this was a first for me. The shade was extremely vibrant, glowy and shimmery but despite how gorgeous it is, I don't think I'd wear it on an everyday basis.

Ultimately, I adore this product. My photo's and descriptions don't do it any justice, but believe me when I say it is a must have!

This is the Blush Queen Palette and although I love both palette's, I do prefer the other one. Because all of these colours are pinks, I think they are harder to wear as highlight and should be used as just blush. The first pink shade at the top is definitely my favourite. It's a combination of a baby pink and silver and glows really nicely in the light. Again, it's subtle but very buildable. The dark pink definitely wouldn't work as a highlight but makes a gorgeous blush. It's highly pigmented and has a slight shimmer, but as it's so vibrant, a little goes a long way. The other shades are all very similar. They're all a normal pink shade with tiny glittery pieces in them and they are super blendable which I love because it makes the products so easy to work with!

The last thing I picked up in Superdrug was the best selling liquid highlight by Makeup Revolution in the shade Unicorn Elixir. This was my first time trying a liquid highlight. The holographic packaging is absolutely stunning but with regards to the product itself, I have mixed opinions on it. The actual shade is a purple/ blue colour and it is gorgeous but you can only really use it on the high points of your cheeks, which is a bit restricting. It comes with a pipette which I love and I only needed around 1-2 drops. The texture is initially quite oily which I'm not a huge fan of but it is very fast drying. I would recommend using a stippling brush to apply this, I found that other brushes absorbed the product and made it look streaky on my skin.

I'm really happy with my buys, I particularly love the first palette and will undoubtably be repurchasing it. It makes a great present for friends but is also a really nice thing to treat yourself with!

Thanks for reading,
Rikki x


  1. I adore that pallete. The colours look like so much fun to work with and that pink has captured my heart.
    Stunning post

  2. I adore this brand and all that is does! Vegan and cruelty free makeup is always a win win with me. The first palette is so beautiful, I will be hopefully picking myself one up soon. 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.alishavalerie.com | www.twitter.com/alishavalerie

  3. The palettes look gorgeous! I really love the I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love baked highlighter which is by the same people who make Makeup Revolution.
    Tori - www.torisworld.com

  4. Makeup revolution do so many great things I really love their makeup! Loved this post and the photos are fab!

  5. Thank you for your review hun!! Honestly never used highlighters but I have been thinking more and more about them! Loved your palette❤️ So definitely will be on the lookout for some here in Canada ! ❤️

  6. Great blog post! i love the sound of the Bronze one! A great liquid highlighter I love is the Benefit Highbeam <3 x

  7. Those palettes are so pretty! I love Makeup Revolution, I find they're really good quality for their purse friendly prices!

  8. all of these look so pretty! i am definitely behind the idea of being creative with make-up and using blush as highlight. i think i actually prefer liquid highlight, or at least it's what i use most often, haha. these seem like lovely buys! xx

  9. Makeup Revolution palettes are gorgeous! I had never got on with their highlighters but that was a few years ago. They may have changed them over time, I suppose I could give it another go. I have been meaning to try liquid highlighters for quite some time now as well x