October 23, 2015


A couple of months ago, I was sent my first Love Me Beauty box which I absolutely adored! I have now received another one which was equally as great but didn't come with a box as they're having a revamp (I'm so excited to see the changes)!

Although the price is super reasonable, at £10, I have a 50% discount code for everyone, which I think is absolutely insane! Just use 'rikki50' at checkout! Go crazy girls...

Firstly, I received this Lord & Berry Twiststick, which I was so excited to try after hearing Victoria from In The Frow talk about how much she loved them... I'm actually very impressed with the product and wish I was introduced to the brand earlier! I love the packaging, it's simple which is something that really appeals to me. I've been finally getting into my lip products recently, but find a lot of them quite drying. This however, was surprisingly nourishing. This is a very bright, vibrant shade, but you can tone it down by dabbing it on or obviously build it up if you want a more dramatic look.

I've never tried a face mist before but I'm loving this one by Monu. It's super refreshing and I feel like it brightens up my skin. What I particularly like about this is that it's suitable for all skin types, and unlike a lot of other products that claim to be, this actually is! I have quite oily skin and my mum has fairly dry skin and we're both loving it!

I then received two stunning polish shades. This one is from Ciate. I believe I already own this (I have so many I'm losing track, haha!) Remember, you can choose what you want in your box, though. Nevertheless, I love this shade. it's a gorgeous pale green. The consistency makes it super easy to apply and although it's quite transparent at first, it quickly becomes super opaque.

Then, I got this stunning light pink colour by Lottie London- a brand I hadn't previously heard of. It's slowly becoming one of my favourite polishes though! I love everything about this polish- the consistency, the colour and above all the packaging. It's relatively large and chunky for a polish, which is perfect because it'll last longer!

Finally, I got these gorgeous eyelash curlers by Love Me Beauty, themselves! I am obsessed. I love, love, love the engraving in it. At first impression, I'm finding them so much better than the ones I currently own, but I have only used this twice, so will probably update you after I've been able to properly test it out!

I'm really enjoying these subscription boxes and would honestly highly recommend them! I mean this particular box should cost around £70, but you'd get it for just £10 from Love Me Beauty- is that crazy or is that crazy!? Anyway, that's it for this post, thank you for reading...

Rikki xx


  1. These colors of the polishes are soooo beautiful! I think they'll look very cool together.


  2. I love having an eyelash curler!!
    Abbie E.

  3. I LOVE this beauty box brand! I love that you pick the samples yourself and that they are great value for money. The only problem I have is that sometimes the samples seem amazing and then others they are a bit naff.
    Stephanie xxx

  4. I love the look of all of these products! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  5. I love the Lottie London nail polish it's so cuteee!
    It actually reminds of the colour I have on right now, going to be doing a blog post on it next week.

    Alexandria from http://lexislifestyle.blogspot.co.uk/