November 20, 2015


Hi girls!

I'm back with a very different kind of post today. For the first time ever, I will be blogging 3 times in one day- crazy right!? The reason for this, is because I'm reviewing a beauty/ fashion game rather than a product. So, I'll be updating you with all my thoughts and feelings! I was kindly contacted to review New Style Boutique 2- Fashion Forward, a fashion based game exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. As a child, I was a huge fan of Nintendo games and I obviously love beauty and fashion, so this immediately seemed like the dream combination! I just couldn't resist but try it out...

Essentially, this is a fashion simulation series, allowing you to experience life as a manager of your own boutique, a hair stylist, make-up artist, a model or even a designer! As a student in the process of applying to universities and subsequently choosing a career path, I genuinely feel as if this game would be of great benefit to any of you choosing a job in the fashion industry. Despite being an animated game, it's very realistic. For example, you need to 'talk' to people in Beaumonde City to promote your boutique, much like the networking skills that will prove useful in real life. I absolutely adore this idea because, although a game is usually associated with young children, this is definitely suitable for teenagers or even adults!

The first thing you do is name your character. I kept my simple and named her after me. Super original, I know. Then there's a story that slowly unfolds. It really helps set the scene.

My personal favourite part is dressing up your character! Here, you choose everything from the face shape to the skin tone to the eye and hair colour. As a blogger, I am always looking at beauty and fashion trends, so it's really exciting dressing her up to suit them. Here's my character:

My first impression is that this game is super interactive and engaging for all age groups. I'm loving it already! There is a free demo you can download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, so go download it, I'm sure you'll love it! I will be back in an hour or so to tell you more about the boutique etc. I can't wait to start playing again, haha! See you very soon...

(This is a paid post by Nintendo but all opinions are my own).

Rikki xx

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